Wheatley’s Day of Service and Learning

Students at Wheatley have a long tradition of engagement with their community. Over the years, they have raised tens of thousands of dollars through the annual Walk-A-Thon, we have a close relationship with the INN, we have sent thousands of bicycles to Africa through our Afribike initiative, and many of our other student clubs have raised funds for worthy causes.


Three years ago, our school began a new community service initiative: The Day of Service and Learning. On this day, every student and faculty member participate in a service or service learning activity. This year’s Day of Service and Learning was held at the end of October, and it proved to be a tremendous success. Students and faculty members participated in nearly three dozen different activities: preparing meals at the INN, planting bulbs at the East Williston train station, working at an animal shelter, preparing care packages for soldiers serving in Afghanistan and many other activities. (You can view a full listing of activities through this link.)

A few of the photos from the many events are included below:

IMG_4875 Orlovsky_day_of_service_pic_2 Day of Service 055x IMG_3726 DSC06725 Day of Service 060x IMG_4896 Hempstead_IMG_0118 IMG_4903 IMG_4909 Day of Service 066x IMG_3753 Cat Shelter 13x IMG_1924 Day of Service 079x DSC06722 IMG_6435



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