SWS Picnic

SWS, Wheatley’s School Within a School, has been described as democracy in action. Although moderated by Pat Clarke, the key to SWS is the active involvement of students. Students run the weekly town meeting, they approve module courses to be taught, they examine student portfolios and they teach classes. It is a true community of learners.

An important part of the community building aspect of SWS is the integration of new members as they prepare for the 10th grade. This is begun through a picnic near the end of the year. All current members of SWS host the 9th graders who have chosen to join SWS the following year. It is a wonderful day of camaraderie and fun.

SWS Picnic IMG_1874 SWS Picnic IMG_1885 SWS Picnic IMG_1892 SWS Picnic IMG_1894 SWS Picnic IMG_1902 SWS Picnic IMG_1904 SWS Picnic IMG_1933 SWS Picnic IMG_1879

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