Sgt. Wilkinson Returns to Wheatley!

Over 18 months ago, Army Sergeant Seth Wilkinson (of the 101st Airborne) visited Wheatley as he was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan. During that visit, he discussed his plans, displayed his gear and answered questions from the students.

While he was deployed, Wheatley prepared and mailed over 100 different care packages to soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. These were prepared as part of our Day of Service and Learning programs.

We were thrilled to welcome Sergeant Wilkinson back to Wheatley today after his safe return to the United States. He shared his stories and photos, helping the audience of students and teachers better understand the life of the troops deployed in Afghanistan.

Sergeant Wilkinson presented Wheatley with a plaque expressing gratitude for Wheatley’s support of the troops. He also presented us with a framed flag that flew over his station in Afghanistan.

IMG_0867 IMG_0865 IMG_0870

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