Wheatley-LI Philharmonic Dazzles the Audience!

What an impressive collaboration we witnessed last week in our Wheatley auditorium! The joint Wheatley-Long Island Philharmonic concert was truly exceptional. The music was both familiar, challenging and extremely rewarding. Our students were absolutely amazing! We are thankful for the work the professional musicians of the Long Island Philharmonic did with our students in the weeks leading to the concert.

My thanks to Angela Luftig for coordinating this event. It was terrific to see our music teachers (from both Wheatley and Willets Road) performing on stage with the Philharmonic.

With this concert, we inaugurated a special pre-concert discussion session during which students explained key elements of the pieces that were going to be performed. A special thanks to Karen Bartscherer who had a vision of this event and took the steps necessary to help the students prepare and rehearse for it.

We had a special guest join us for tonight’s events: Regent Roger Tilles. He enjoyed the pre-concert discussion and stayed through the entire performance.

IMG_0392 IMG_0617 IMG_0623 IMG_0622 IMG_0626

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