The Philharmonic is Coming!

Wheatley has held a joint concert with the Long Island Philharmonic for a number of years. In preparation for this Thursday’s joint concert, students held practice sessions with members of the Philharmonic.

Thursday’s concert promises to be fantastic! The combination of the students and the professional performers produces an amazing sound. If you have never been to this joint concert, you should make every effort to attend…it is FREE and it begins at 7:30 pm.

This year, we have a special pre-performance reception that begins at 7:00 pm in Room 450 (across from the auditorium). This reception will mirror what is done before many professional performances: there will be refreshments (served by our students) and a discussion of the music that will be performed at the concert. Please be sure to join us for what we hope will become a mainstay of our music performances!

DSC00042 DSC00044 DSC00047 DSC00045 DSC00057 DSC00067

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