Wheatley Fencing 4th in Long Island!

The Wheatley School varsity boys fencing team capped a successful season with a 9-3 record.  The team ranked fourth on Long Island is preparing for the team championships to be held February 9 and 12th.  The team consists of captain David Skwiersky, Zohaib Arif, Arjun Balakumar, Ankit Bhasin, Josh Cantos, Chris Che, Andrew Chen, Liting Chiang, Ben Goldbaum, Aman Karim, Saad Khanzada, Timothy Lee, Ziv Lotsky, Matt Rajman, Avinesh Reddy, Matt Rothstein, Zohaid Shaikh, Joshjit Singh, Max Woods, Charles Yu,  and Kuan Yu.


The varsity girls fencing team completed its regular season ranked 10th in Nassau County Division 2. The girls will be fencing in the team championships on February 10th and 12th.  The team consists of captain Amy Lessoff, Limor Alevi, Yasmine Ali, Julia Balboni, Heather Chau, Jennifer Che, Jocelyn Cheung, Alyssa Conte, Alexis Ghadami, Sana Hassan, Madiyah Jaffer, Eashaa Kumar, Kristen Lee, Kristen Parisi, Lauren Perry, Princy Prasad, Samantha Siegler, Krsitina Tarnok, Betsey Tse, Chloe Tso, Tiffany Wy and Ariana Zetlin.

The teams are coached by Terry Grace and Aerin Hohensee.

This past weekend the boys and girls competed at Cold Spring Harbor in the Nassau County Fencing Individual Championships.  Charles Yu finished third in the Foil.

In addition outstanding individual and team accomplishments were recognized at this weekend’s tournament:

  • Liting Chiang  All Long Island – Sabre
  • Matt Rajman Honorable Mention All County – Sabre
  • Charles Yu 2nd Team All County – Foil
  • Saad Khanzada Honorable Mention All County – Foil
  • Arjun Balakumar Honorable Mention All County – Foil
  • Ari Zetlin Honorable Mention All County – Foil

Liting Chiang received the prestigious Fencer’s Fencer Award, recognizing the highest level of dedication, commitment and excellence in the fencing community.

The varsity boys team also received the valued Team Sportsmanship Award.


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