Cross the Line at Willets Road

On January 6th, Wheatley’s Adopt-A-Class leaders visited Willets Road School to partake in a grade-wide activity. The two-period presentation began with the leaders facilitating small groups of ten students in the activity entitled If you really knew me, you’d know…

After sharing within the smaller group, the entire grade (including teachers and counselors) participated in Cross The Line. This activity required students and staff to reflect upon their past behaviors and ‘cross the line’ if they identified with the statements made.

The last part of the lesson was the large group sharing. Then entire grade gathered together in the center of the gym, and kids were asked to share their feelings or thoughts about the activity. Kids were apologizing to one another for past behaviors and thanking each other for acts of kindness. This large group activity united the grade by sharing emotional and personal experiences while learning the importance of acceptance and forgiveness.

IMG_7204 IMG_7202 IMG_7188 IMG_7183 IMG_7521

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