Athletics Winterfest Brings the Community Together Around Basketball!

This past Saturday was a great event for our school district and community.  We hosted four basketball games (2 boys and 2 girls) both Junior Varsity and Varsity. As part of the activity, fans donated many coats for the coat drive (run through the Wildcat Foundation) and many toys for Wheatley’s National Honor Society’s toy drive.

A huge “Thank You” to Mr. Todd Richman and the Wildcat Foundation for the generous donation of pizza and water for the games—along with the big #1 foam fingers and other school spirit supplies!  Thank you for all the alumni, fans, younger students and parents who came out to support our teams.  Thank you as well to our Varsity Cheerleaders and Varsity Dance team whose performances entertained the crowd!

[Thanks to Michael Scaturro for the write-up and photos!]

Wheatley Debate Team Scores Lots of Success in its First Tournament!

This year marked the start of one of Wheatley’s newest student club: the Debate Club. We are excited to announce that Wheatley School Debate Team went to their first regional competition and state qualifier earlier this month (on Saturday, December 8th) at the at World Journalism Prep School in Flushing, Queens.

As part of this American Debate League Fall Classic Tournament, the team as a whole and a number of Wheatley students found success! A huge “Thank You” to our Faculty Advisor, Ms. Pilar Principe-Franco.

Novice High School Sweepstakes:

  • 1st place: The Wheatley School

Intermediate High School Sweepstakes:

  • 1st place: The Wheatley School

(Sweepstakes is an overall of which school won most rounds in each division.)

High School Intermediate Speaker (Out of 24 students)

  • 1st place: Aarushi Jain
  • 2nd Place: Neil Shah
  • 3rd place: Emily Yagoda
  • 5th place: Siddhi Jain
  • 11th place: Samar Saleem

High school novice Speaker (Out of 50 students)

  • 1st place: Benjamin Casella
  • 2nd place: Freddy Lin
  • 6th place:  Saad Haroon
  • 9th place: Madhi Bhalloo
  • 11th place: Riya Mittle
  • 12th place: Jacob Ribotsky
  • 18th place: Marjan Alagheband
  • 19th place: Declan Brady
  • 20th place: Adam Aldad
  • 24th place: Anika Mittle
  • 28th place: Jaina Shah
  • 36th place: Brooke Schwartz
  • 41st place:  Aisvaryaa Dhama
  • 48th place: Anushka Shorewala

Debate Team results:

Novice level

  • 1st place:  Benjamin Casella and Madhi Balloo
  • 3rd place: Freddy lin and Adam Aldad
  • 4th place: Saad Haroon and Declan Brady
  • 6th place: Jacob Ribotsky and Brooke Schwartz
  • 17th place: Jaina Shah  and Aisvaryaa Dhama
  • 18th place: Riya Mittle and Anika Mittle
  • 23rd place: Anushka Shorewala and Marjan Alagheband

Intermediate team results

  • 1st place: Neil Shah and Emily Yagoda
  • 2nd place: Aarushi Jain and Siddhi Jain
  • 9th place: Samar Saleem

Wheatley’s Winter Concert (Part 1) Kicks Off the Season!

Earlier this evening, the first of our two Winter Concerts took place in the Wheatley Auditorium. The concert program included the following groups:

  • Intermediate Orchestra (Angela Luftig, Director)
  • Concert Orchestra (Stan Orlovsky, Director)
  • Chorale (Angela Luftig, Director; Rick Wilson, accompanist)
  • Honors String Ensemble (Angela Luftig, Director)
  • Symphonic Orchestra (Stan Orlovsky, Director)

We are thankful for the wonderful work of our faculty, the incredible efforts of our students and the terrific support of our community!

8th Grade Heads to Manhattan for Some Real-World Learning!

Yesterday, on a beautiful December day, students in grade eight enjoyed interactive educational experiences in Lower Manhattan.  Half of our students went to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum and half of our students went to the World Trade Center and the Brooklyn Bridge.  Students were able to explore the urban environment they are studying in social studies.

At the Tenement Museum, students saw first-hand the crowded living spaces they are studying in their Immigration and Progressive Age units.  The docents and teachers worked with our students to understand the daily living, learning, and working routines of millions of New Yorkers and the struggles they faced to “make it” in America.  Through the museum visit and a walking tour of the neighborhood, students learned about immigrant life at the turn of the twentieth century on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

At the World Trade Center, students visited the September 11, 2001 memorial before boarding giant interactive elevators to the top of One World Observatory.  At the top, teachers helped students identify historic sites and major buildings in and around New York City.  The clear weather provided spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Trinity Church, Wall Street, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and major bridges connecting Manhattan with New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Queens.  Students then walked to and across the Brooklyn Bridge, where they learned about its construction and importance in New York City history.

Thank you to all our chaperones:  Mr. Clarke (who expertly led a walking tour!), Ms. Clarke, Mr. Ardito, Ms. Topping, Mr. Michael Haig, Mr. Schwalm, Mr. Chisholm, Mr. Gadamowitz, Mr. Rivero, Mr. Crotty, Mr. Yallowitz, Dr. Dourigan, and special guest Mr. Shanahan.  In January, students will have the opportunity to visit the other sites.  We are looking forward to the next excursion!

[Thank you to Dr. Eckers for the write-up and to Dr. Eckers and Mr. Gadamowitz for the photos.]

December is For Our Connections Holiday Dance!

Last Friday night, our cafeteria was transformed into a festive place filled with music, dancing, food and even a Donut Wall! Organized by our wonderful Life Skills and PPS staff and supported by our terrific parents, our annual December Holiday Dance has become THE place to be in December for so many of our students at Wheatley and those in neighboring schools.

This year, we were thrilled to have so many new faces join us for this fun tradition.