8th Grade Club Fair Introduces Students to Wheatley’s Many Co-curricular Opportunities!

The more students are engaged in school, the happier and more successful they are! In order to help our newest students understand the many offerings available to them at Wheatley, we hold a Club Fair to showcase our co-curricular offerings. Our upper class students set up display tables to showcase their club or activity, encouraging the 8th Graders (and our new students of any grade) to sign up for their club and attend the weekly meetings.

Before students attended the club fair, they listened to speeches from their classmates interested in becoming class officers. The students also watched a Club Preview video that was prepared by the Video Club.

AP Core Trip Explores Regional History and Culture!

Last Thursday, students in our AP Core program — an interdisciplinary program of AP US History and AP English Language — departed for a two-day trip exploring some of the regional history and culture. 

From Wheatley, students headed to Newport, Rhode Island, for a Gilded Age Mansion Tour, during which they toured The Breakers and The Elms. After the day in Newport, they headed to Mystic, CT in order to prepare for the next day’s adventures.

On Friday, students spent the day at the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Museum and Research Center. Students enjoyed a museum tour and social justice workshop. Finally, students ended the day with some time in Mystic Village before heading back to Wheatley late Friday evening.

A huge “Thank You” to our AP Core teachers, Jennifer Fatone and Dr. John Staudt, for organizing the learning opportunity and accompanying the students. Thank you as well to the additional faculty who served as chaperones on the trip: Jennifer Stein and Thomas Storck.

Finally, thanks to Nicole Hetzel (Class of 2018) for these terrific photos!

Pinwheels for Peace on International Day of Peace!

With the guidance of Wheatley’s Art Teacher, Melida Gomez, Wheatley students celebrated the International Day of Peace (on 21 September 2016) with the Pinwheels for Peace Project.

In the words of Ms. Gomez:

The students at Wheatley are participating in Pinwheels for Peace on September 21.  The project involves the students discussing their thoughts and feelings about peace and what we can all do to make the world a better place. Then, designing and creating a pinwheel as part of a public installation to inspire public reflection on peace. There is more information about it through this link.

Our students will be putting their handmade Pinwheels outside in the front of each building during the times listed below. The Pinwheels will be outside all day Wednesday, and we hope you get an opportunity to see them while they are on display.  We look forward to sharing this special day with you and our student body. Thank you for your support of our program. 

[Thank you to Susan Checkla for some of the photos below.]