Class of 2018 Victorious in #Showdown2018

The culmination of Wheatley’s Showdown week is the Friday Night Finale. This finale took place last night! Beginning at 6:45 pm and continuing through 10:21 pm, grades competed against each other in a wide variety of activities. The activities included:

  • Chess
  • Badminton
  • Sneaker relay race
  • Foul shooting
  • Myers Math Problem
  • Minute to Win It (faculty competition)
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer goal kick
  • Bridges competition
  • Over-Under Ball Pass
  • Pyramid Cup stacking
  • Target Rock

Nearly 500 students attended the night’s activities. The cost of admission to the evening was a donation item for the Mary Brennan INN (this was one of the competitions). Each class was assigned a category, so a wide variety of soups, canned goods, cereals, pasta, rice and beans). Nearly 7,000 items were collected for donation!

After an intense evening of competition, the Class of 2018 proved to be the winners of Showdown2018!

A huge thank you to our Class Advisors, our PE faculty and our custodians for all the work they did in order to help us through the week of Showdown2018! Thank you to ALL of the students for a wonderful week of spirited competition!


Day 5 of #Showdown2018 is Intense!

Day 5 of #Showdown2018 continued the competitive aspect of this year’s competition.  As students were scurrying to finalize all Showdown-related activities, everyone was looking at the leaderboard to see what sort of Friday Night Finale we will have!

Stay tuned for the final results!

Today featured the following activities:

  • WSTV Trivia (Potpourri category)
  • Puzzle making
  • Showdown Video assembly

You can view the Showdown Spirit Videos here:



Megan, Nicole and Ceci (aka, Spectrum) win Wheatley’s Got Talent!

This year’s fifth annual Wheatley’s Got Talent competition took place on Monday night, the fist day of #Showdown2018.

The evening showcased the wonderful talents of our impressive student body. Organized by Wheatley’s Tri-M Music Honor Society and hosted by seniors Ally Wang and Ann Yan, the evening was an entertaining exhibition of the myriad of student talents in our school!

With the assistance of our five Class Advisor judges (Mr. Haig, Mr. Burke, Mrs. Roberts, and Mr. Paulson), six performance acts were evaluated, with three finalists performing a second time — with the winner being determined by the audience vote.

The competitors were:

  • Adeel Anwar (Electric Violin)
  • Megan Kirschner, Nicole Hetzel and Cecilia Jozef (aka, “Spectrum”) (Band)
  • Alyssa Belle (Guitar)
  • Bert Cumming and Matt Baltzer (rap/vocals)
  • Hannah Weinberg and Cydney Siskind (vocals)
  • Dan Fox, Mahesh Pitchayan, Billy Cafarelli, Max Hochstein and Mike Roudbai (aka, “The Moondogs”)

Based on the judge’s decision, the following acts advanced to the second round:

    • Megan Kirschner, Nicole Hetzel and Cecilia Jozef (aka, “Spectrum”) (Band)
    • Alyssa Belle (Guitar)
    • Dan Fox, Mahesh Pitchayan, Billy Cafarelli, Max Hochstein and Mike Roudbai (aka, “The Moondogs”)


At the end of the evening, Spectrum was declared winner of this year’s Wheatley’s Got Talent! Congratulations to Megan, Nicole and Ceci, who earned 25% of the ticket sales for the Class of 2018 and 2019! Finally, a huge “Thank You” to Angela Luftig and our Tri-M Music Honor Society for organizing this wonderful event!

[Thank you to Kavina Amin for some of the photos!]




The Competition is Getting Tight on #Showdown2018 Day 4!

The fourth day of Showdown2018 continued to produce surprising results, with a tightening of the competition among the grades! The Charity Collections ended on this day, and our students did incredible work collecting books, sneakers and eyeglasses! The Juniors dominated WSTV Trivia and the Seniors dominated Brainstormers.

With a “Superhero/Cartoon Character” dress theme, the hallways were filled with all sorts of creative costumes! While the classes worked on a bridge to be used during tomorrow’s Friday Night Finale, each grade manned a Charity Information Table as a way of raising awareness and funds for a charity of its choice.

Day 3 of #Showdown2018 Lets the Classes Shine!

After the surprise performance by the 8th Graders during the Spirit Assembly on Day 2 of Showdown2018, it was clear that more than two grades had visions of holding the Showdown Cup in their hands! This third day proved to be a tight competition among the 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades!

This day’s events included:

  • WSTV Trivia (Mathematics)
  • Sports Day
  • Wheeling to Wheatley Wednesday
  • Build a Mascot Contest
  • Scrabble

You can view the WSTV Showdown Trivia competition and some pictures below: